Windows to the Sacred

As I was collecting images and scans of sketches recently, it was apparent that I have a fascination with church windows, specifically those which in any way resemble gothic windows. It has become sort of an obsession, not that this is a new revelation, I am simply offering evidence to that fact from my sketchbooks. One more way in which the sketchbook is a window to the soul.


Waiting for Love

This house represents, for me, a longing and waiting, for someone to come along and pour their heart into it. Sadly, it will most likely continue to decay, eventually to be condemned, and torn down.

The Beginning

I love the anticipation that builds as you are waiting for a roller coaster to start, there is a buzz in the air and endorphines are starting to pump through your body. I may just be an adrenaline junkie getting hyped, but i really do love those few minuets before starting a trip. The early morning hours before a hike, or a big adventure trip of any kind. It should be no surprise, then, that as things continue to fall into place for my trip to Italy, my Heart rate is climbing, and my mind is filled with thoughts about my trip. I have a love hate relationship with planning trips, but as I plan more trips, I begin to enjoy it more and more. At the same time, this trip is somehow different, as the deadline approaches, I begin to get more and more nervous, I am making a huge jump in scale from all of my previous trips. I think the biggest challenge will be the culture shock. I am trying to prepare myself, but it is starting to seem rather pointless. At some point, I will just have to jump in no matter how cold it fells when I am testing the water.

tl;dr 57 days wow!