New beginnings

I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in about a year, and this is the product. It is small, and a little rough, but it is a good start. Like many things, it may never be finished. The important thing is that I started it. That’s why they call the end of college commencement, not completion, it is just the beginning of a new chapter…


For the Coming Season

I’m not normally one for holiday spirit, but I very much enjoy the changing seasons. I love waking up early on a morning when it has been snowing all night. When the air is still, and big snowflakes are falling silently to the ground, there is a pronounced peaceful quality in the air, and I cant help but smile to myself and think about how wonderful this season is.


My compulsion for visual expression

During my time here, I have been longing to paint what I see. My belief that I am compelled to paint is now only reinforced. It is the only way for me to express raw emotion and reaction to what I see. Without painting I would not be able to process my experiences, nor would I be able to communicate them. I truly understand why the masters simply had no other choice but to pick up a paintbrush. I hope that I never forget that, and that I will never be far from a canvas.