Orsanmichele, [de]scribing the city.

Frames and negative space.

Fabric, insterstitial, space between. 

There is museum in the center of the city, who’s top floor thrusts itself up above the rooftops and with 10 massive windows frames the city below.most of the notable buildings are visible from these windows, however, as with all of Firenze, the viewer is never offered a frontal view, or a complete picture. Instead, each icon is shown as a focal point in the composition, but onlya portion is shown, the space between the icons, and from each icon to the edge become s a beautiful study in negative space, such that the space between the iconic bioldings, the city fabric, becomes celebrated as something beautiful. 

30 in 30, #9

A view from inside Orsanmichele, showing how each frame is composed individually, but the foci are never frontal, but instead, off to the side.

30 in 30, #10 

The inside of the upper piano is also just stunning to look at. The ceiling is at least 40ft to the bottom on the beams, and then the vaulting continues above that.


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