Railside House

Pen and ink drawing of an old brick house facing the railroad tracks, standing as a reminder of times gone by. The orientation alone speaks to a different time, with different priorities.

Windows to the Sacred

As I was collecting images and scans of sketches recently, it was apparent that I have a fascination with church windows, specifically those which in any way resemble gothic windows. It has become sort of an obsession, not that this is a new revelation, I am simply offering evidence to that fact from my sketchbooks. One more way in which the sketchbook is a window to the soul.

New beginnings

I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in about a year, and this is the product. It is small, and a little rough, but it is a good start. Like many things, it may never be finished. The important thing is that I started it. That’s why they call the end of college commencement, not completion, it is just the beginning of a new chapter…

Iron Wrought

Iron Wrought, the blacksmith furnished

Hammer blows formed soft iron bars

A twist of tongs

A curl is formed

The smith’s sweat sizzles on the hot metal as he labors over the forge. His hands cramp and his arms grow weary, bit still he hammers down. Blow after blow he dispenses











Untill finally his piece is finished, and into the brine it is thrust, singing, sizzling and steaming as it becomes entrapped in it’s final form. The iron hardens, and becomes a solid mass.

This iron now stands, enameled in years of paint, entrenched on the borders on an estate. Constantly guarding, in solidarity, the lavish wealth beyond it’s ornamented bars.

Somehow, the spirit of the smith is guarding too, his watchful gaze and careful eye meticulously observing every event that transpires beyond the border he described so many years ago. The salt of his sweat and the iron in his veins made him one with the border he had so carefully designed. I wonder if he is watching still as I carefully examine the seams and joints, tenons and rivets which bind together, to this day, the bars standing before me.

[de] scriptions

Words, at once, consist of both truth and falsehood. Words on their own, have meaning and truth. As soon as they are strung together in language, they become a network of lies, things that mean other things, and are not as they first appear. Words can reveal many things which are not there, just as they can obscure things which are there. Lines too consist of Truth and falshood. They can describe things that exist as well as things imagined. They can reveal patterns and structure just as they can cover up the truth of a thing. What are things if they are not described by either lines or words. How can we know something exists if we cannot desceibe it in some way? Can anything truely exist without its description? Conversely, does anything truely exist if it can be described, since any description contains some falshood.

For the Coming Season

I’m not normally one for holiday spirit, but I very much enjoy the changing seasons. I love waking up early on a morning when it has been snowing all night. When the air is still, and big snowflakes are falling silently to the ground, there is a pronounced peaceful quality in the air, and I cant help but smile to myself and think about how wonderful this season is.